RSVP - Chha Gau Yaatra - Sunday, March 20th
JCNC Religious and Executive committee are happy to announce that preparations are in full swing to celebrate this auspicious event. Shri Shantrujay Maha tirth doesn’t require any explanation. Even Tirthankar Dev Simandhar Swami said its hard to describe the Mahima of Shri Shantrujay Maha Tirth. We are blessed that we have JCNC platform to be able to bring that to our door steps, making the replica of it, make us close to this blissful place, help us and our kids understand its value to the Mankind. We humbly request you to attend this special event and take Dharma Laabh!

What: Shri Shantrunjay Maha tirth Chhah Gau Yatra
When: Sunday March 20th 9:30 AM
Where: JCNC, Milpitas
Conducted by: Pandit Shri Jayeshbhai Khona
Musicians: Nitul Haria, Richa Shah, Sameer Shah
Swamivatsalya Lunch: 12:30 PM

Highlights of the Event:

• Shri Shantrujay Maha Tirth Rachna
• Shri Bhaadva Dungar rachna
• Shri VallabhiPur Tirth rachana ancient Taleti of the Tirth
• Shri Girnarji Maha Tirth rachna one of the Tonk of the Tirth
• Shri Rayan Vruksh with Shri Adinathji Pagla
• Shri Rayan Vruksh with Shri Adinathji na Pagla
• Shri Chowadha Raaj Lok ni Rachna
• Paap Puniya ni Baari
• Vaiya Vacch & Sangh Pooja
• Shri Chandan Talavadi
• Food Paals (food stalls)

For sponsorship opportunities, please use online link below or email or call Jayesh bhai at 408-439-8192 or sign-up in person at JCNC.

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