YJA Pathshala - Entry Survey
The following survey is entirely anonymous and is simply for us to gauge what level of familiarity YJA Pathshala participants have with Jainism. Please answer honestly to the best of your ability!
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Have you ever attended a Jain Pathshala (class) before? *
If so, for how many years? *
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Rate your familiarity with Jain prayers: *
Don't know any
I’ve memorized many of them and I know all the meanings
Rate your familiarity with Jain rituals. *
Don't know any
I've memorized an entire Pratikraman.
Rate your familiarity with Jain philosophy. *
Don't know any
I know it inside and out
Rate your familiarity with Jain history and holidays. *
Don't know any
I know exact dates for many important events and know most of the major holidays.
Rate your familiarity with Jainism as a whole. *
I barely know anything about Jainism.
I could take Diksha tomorrow.
How often do you think about Jainism/Jain principles on a day-to-day basis? *
I only interact with Jainism once or twice a year, on major holidays.
Jain principles/practice are often on my mind and affect many actions I take.
Anything else you'd like to add? Note: If you would like us to save your responses for your future reference/reflection, please put your name here!
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