Oakland Creative Neighborhoods Coalition - Community Priorities Meeting
Call to Action and Invitation to Join OCNC:

Oakland Creative Neighborhoods Coalition (OCNC) is a community centered, city-wide arts and culture action and advocacy group formed in June 2015 with a mission to "Keep Oakland creative, affordable and vibrant!" . The coalition is made up of Oaklanders and community members who believe Oakland's economic growth and overall well-being depends upon cultural equity and economic justice. Our founding was sparked by the accelerating displacement of artists, their families, and longstanding arts organizations on both sides of The Bay. We are working together to strengthen the health and vibrancy of our diverse and dynamic neighborhoods, including the enactment of more robust arts and culture policies by the City of Oakland.

The City of Oakland values its creative community and cultural equity. The City enacts policies that preserve Oakland's cultural legacy and assets, institutions, neighborhoods and communities of color - immigrant and low income - those who are drivers of our culture but often the most underrepresented and under- resourced. The City of Oakland builds its internal infrastructure to better meet the creative needs of residents and cultural producers,starting with the creation of an Oakland Art and Culture Commission, and a neighborhood based cultural plan that leverages the people and community assets already being cultivated on the grassroots level.

1. Oakland’s economic growth & well-being depend upon the health of the arts and culture community
2. Cultural Equity is inextricably tied to racial & economic justice and community health
3. Citywide resourcing– beyond Uptown, funding and resources must reach East and West Oakland too (e.g. the flatlands)
4. Community Oriented – both the processes of cultural development and funding recipients
5. Local First – policies must prioritize Oakland residents from historically underrepresented communities in both funding allocations and arts programming

1. Strengthen the City’s Arts and Culture related infrastructure- appropriately staff and fund departments and commissions
2. Establish an Oakland Arts & Culture Commission with citywide representation and decision making power
3. Develop City of Oakland Arts and Culture master plan, cultural policies & guidelines with strong community input & oversight
4. Increase funding for local artists, schools, arts organizations, community-based projects and creative enterprises
5. Increase affordable housing, facilities and workspaces for artists, cultural workers and creative entrepreneurs

1. Complete the form below with your contact information and affiliation
2. Appoint an organizational/community rep to attend meetings & events
3. Promote events, meetings & action alerts with your members, e-lists & social media followers
4. Stay engaged in local conversations around cultural equity and arts policy
5. Commit to bringing out a strong contingent to actions
6. Share possible resources or examples of projects that would be good case studies for the work

OCNC Community Priorities Meetings
Generally Held the 4th Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8PM
Visit Facebook.com/KeepOakCreative for the Event Schedule
HQ: Betti Ono Gallery, 1427 Broadway Oakland, CA
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