D Groups 2020
What are D Groups All about?
Discipleship groups are a great way to grow with others in your relationship with Jesus this spring. We grow better in community and focusing on our spiritual walk will also help us connect with fellow students and leaders. There's so many awesome groups to choose from! Where do you need to grow the most? It's as easy as signing up. Let's make disciples together!
Your Place in Church History
Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Protestant and a Baptist? Is that important?

This D Group will provide the student both the history and doctrine of Protestant Reformation leaders so as to better understand what Protestants believe. The Protestant Reformation was a period in history that greatly impacted Christianity and still impacts the way we "do church" today. Come learn more about the Reformers, find out why we are Baptists, and discover why it's so important to know what you believe. Come find your place in church history!

This group will meet on Sunday evenings at 5:15 PM and will be led by several members of the Salem History Committee: Garrett Hinson, Don Wright, and Larry Green.
Worship Leadership
This group is for worship leaders in training. Daniel Barkley, Keenan Micol, Michelle Purkey, and Kari Eskridge are excited to lead our students into awe inspiring worship of Jesus. God's Word forms the foundation and purpose for worship. Students that sign up for this group don't need to be able to read music but there does need to be a certain amount of investment and skill. If you want to join, be prepared for a brief assessment to help the leaders see where you are in your ability.

This group meets at 5:15 PM on Sundays!
A Study in James (High School)
Want to be more biblically grounded? Do you want to be able to understand how to read, understand, study, and live out a book of the Bible? John and Nola Summerville would love to show you how and grow in the Word together. Students will be asked questions throughout the week about the Bible reading and come ready to think and engage with the text of God's Word. You will grow and your love for God's Word will deepen as well. If the study flies by, the group will move onto another book of the Bible.

Get grounded in the Word. If you're in high school this may be the group for you! We meet at 5:15 PM on Sundays.
Leading Your Friends to Jesus
How many of us want to lead a friend to Jesus this spring? Is it possible? Not only is it possible, we should expect God to use us in amazing ways like that! Together we will think of lost friends in our lives, pray for them, and learn how to share the gospel with them. We will answer tough questions about Christianity, and equip you to start conversations with your friends and even lead them in an introductory Bible study. Josh Komis and Jena Durrette are leading this group and we will meet Sundays at 5:15 PM!
Fight Club
We want to develop young men who are willing to fight the good fight of faith. Brandon Gibbs is leading a unique D Group that combines elements of physical workouts (boxing techniques) with spiritual teaching. Guys will get great physical exercise, bond with other guys in the youth group, and be challenged in their spiritual walk. They will learn how to be men like Jesus. Are you ready? We'll bring the gloves.

This group meets at 5:15 PM on Sunday nights.
Developing a Prayer Life
Mike Cooper and Kim Powell are leading our students to develop a more powerful prayer life. We will do this by spending quality time with Christ in prayer. We will be encouraged as we share requests, pray for our church, and grow closer to God in communication and worship. All students are welcome! We will meet Sundays at 5:15 PM!
High School Girls Bible Study
Nina Moore, Laura Hinson, and Jen Clark are leading a high school girls group on Monday nights studying the book "Captivating." We want to be women of the Word and reflect God's image as a woman created by God. We will learn to study God's Word and be captivated by Jesus. Meeting on Mondays at 6 PM at Nina Moore's home.
Serving Like Jesus
Would you like to grow in your desire and ability to serve others like Jesus? Then this is the group for you! Mark Pressley and Joelle Sevio are leading this D Group each Sunday evening to serve in our community. Many times we will be helping at Woodland Terrace Independent Living Center. We will build relationships with the senior residents and show them the love of Christ. Depending on your abilities, we can do that in many ways (games, Bible trivia, Bible study, talking, music, etc.). We also will help with MissionApex and other ways around the community. See you Sundays at 5:15 PM!
Student Choir
Is He worthy of our worship? He is! Our worship pastors, Jeff Olds and Daniel Barkley, will lead our students to praise King Jesus in heart and voice. In addition to singing with your friends, you will get to lead in worship together on worship share nights and select Sunday morning services. Student choir will also be taking a choir trip to sing at another church this March! You will definitely want to be a part of this. We meet 4-5 PM on Sundays in the choir room.
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