PSI Coordinator Application (USA & Canada)
Thank you for your interest in becoming a PSI Coordinator!

Coordinators serve as the bridge between resources and families who need support during perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD).

As a PSI Coordinator, your responsibilities include:
-making contact with callers/texts/emails within 24 hours of them reaching out to you.

-providing callers with at least two resources (when possible).

-maintaining (on your own or collectively with other coordinators and/or state chapter) a resource list for your area.

-logging your contacts. We provide a quick and easy google form for you.

Once you have completed this application, PSI will contact your reference and then notify you about next steps. If you have any questions, please contact PSI's Support Coordinator Manager, Melissa Bentley at We look forward to supporting you, in your desire to volunteer with the families we serve.

Thank you so much!
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Zip/Postal Code
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Reference name and contact info
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What is your understanding of the role of a PSI coordinator?
Are you able to provide support in languages other than English?
What is your experience with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and how has this experience affected you?
If you experienced a perinatal mood reaction, were you able to find help or treatment?
How long ago was your experience and where are you in the healing process?
What do you believe are the most effective steps to recovery for perinatal mood disorders?
Do you have any questions?
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