Virtual Race League - Week 1
This week we are collecting results for 2 purposes:
1. Mob match against The Stragglers
2. Week 1 of the virtual race league with challenges including the virtual 5k, longest run and number of days you ran on.
You can submit either just a 5k time to be included in the mob match or add in the extra results for participation in the race league as well.

Results should be specified for between Tuesday 24th March and Monday 30th March.

At the moment different people have different amounts of time / fitness allowing them to get out and run. If you would like special consideration in the results, please specify below. We are running an honesty system so please do not ask for special consideration if you don't actually need it.

If you submit your results and later want to amend them, you will be able to do this using the link emailed to you after submitting the form.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via
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League results
Please complete the details below if you want to take part in the race league as well as just the 26.2 Mob Match against The Stragglers.

Remember that results should be specified for between Tuesday 24th March and Monday 30th March.

More details about week 1 of the race league can be found here:
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