2019 Conservation Training Partnership Application Form
Thank you for your interest in NRCA's Conservation Training Partnerships program (CTP). There is no program fee to participate in CTP. All we expect is that you come with a positive attitude and are fully engage in the workshop and conservation project.

Application Process:
Please submit this short application form six weeks before the workshop date (see application due dates below). Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

• Wallingford: June 8-9 (application due April 27)
• Bridgeport: June 22-23 (application due May 11)
• Groton: June 27-28 (application due May 16)

Community Project:
• May occur for any length of time after workshop until March 2020.
• The final project will be shared in the form of a poster or video at an event in March 2020.

Need Help?
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator, Laura Cisneros, at nrca@uconn.edu or (860)-486-4917.

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Application Questions
All applicants (teens and adults) should complete this section.

Before attending the CTP workshop, we will pair you with a teammate. Teams will consist of at least one teen and at least one adult. The goal is for each team to carry out a service-learning conservation project together after the CTP workshop. We will take into account the following to help determine teams: (1) where you live, (2) your interests and (3) your time availability. To help us match participants, please respond to the following questions:

1. I am interested in attending the workshop in (select one): *
2. Why are you interested in participating CTP? (select as many as you’d like) *
3a. Check the topics/activities that interest you (select as many as you’d like):
Yes, this interests me
Alternative Energy Sources
Climate Change
Cultural History
Environmental Activism
Habitat Restoration
Invasive Species
Local Government
Map Making
Public Speaking
River and Park Clean-Ups
Social Justice
Soil Science
Tech: App Design, Coding, Gaming, Web Design, Etc.
Water Quality
Wildlife Watching/Tracking
3b. If you checked "Other" above, please use this space to write other topics/activities that interest you.
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4. Do you have any specific ideas for a conservation project that you would like your team to complete? If yes, briefly describe. (optional—it is okay if you don't have ideas, but your input helps make it easier to pair you with a teammate)
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5. Are there any important dates that your teammate should be aware of when you will not be able to work on the project (e.g. vacation dates)?
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6a. Do you have a teammate in mind? *
6b. If yes or maybe, please provide their first and last name and their email.
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7. How did you hear about CTP?
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Thank you for your interest in NRCA's Conservation Training Partnerships program. By submitting this application form, you understand, acknowledge, and agree with the following disclosures and requirements:
I hereby submit an application to attend the 2019-20 Natural Resources Conservation Academy's Conservation Training Partnerships program.
If I am accepted, I understand that I will need to submit the enrollment forms 4 weeks before the workshop date in order to secure my spot.
I confirm that the email and cell phone information that I provided is correct, and understand that it will be used to send program forms, materials and updates.
Once enrolled and assigned a teammate, I understand that it is very important that I commit to participating in the program because my teammate's participation will be dependent on my participation.
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