Justice, Art & Youth* in Action Initiative (#JAYA) Engagement Survey Submit Your Ideas to Advance Justice and Peace in Nova Scotia
We invite you to let us know what an action plan to enhance safety, well-being, reconciliation, and rehabilitation in communities across Nova Scotia should look like. Your recommendations will help the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and Youth Art Connection to draft a three-year action plan that communities across the province will be able to use to further advance justice and peace.

Since 2013, the Michaëlle Jean Foundation (FMJF), the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and Youth Art Connection (YAC) have worked with community members and organizations to empower diverse Nova Scotia youth, particularly from Black, Indigenous, LGBTQIAP2S+, and other marginalized backgrounds, to use their creativity to transform quality of life, at the local and provincial levels. The work has placed emphasis on using arts to address direct challenges facing the province, particularly in the area of peace and justice.

When the word YOUTH is used, it refers to people aged 30 and under.

Are you a resident of Nova Scotia? *
Which part of Nova Scotia are you from? *
Please select a Justice Pillar Objective(s) that you would like to address (you may select as many objectives as you would like. The following four priorities were identified through three years of consulting with people across the province). *
How should the action plan achieve the objective(s) you selected (for example, create more opportunities for Non-Indigenous people to learn from Indigenous peoples about the Indian Residential Schools). *
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How can communities, particularly youth, use the arts to support what you are proposing? *
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How can young artists challenge stigma and stereotypes through art? *
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What supports do young artists require to do this work? (Supports can be anything--physical or non-physical--an artist or organization needs to make art or involve others in making art) *
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How can the 3-year action offer support to young artists? *
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How do we make these supports easily accessible? (A lot of support is not accessible due to lack of education, transportation, facilities, opportunities, funds, job, etc. How do we make it easier for anyone to access?) *
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How does supporting youth-led art make a difference in our communities? *
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Please let us know what you would like to see the action achieve (for example: a drop in intimate partner violence) *
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Who do we need to hear from and involve in implementing the action plan? What are the ideas, artists, and organizations making a change in Nova Scotia? What projects are they working on? How can they be involved and supported? *
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Do you have any other thoughts or ideas about what the action could achieve? (We would like to see young artists well supported in their efforts to advance peace and justice. Please help us imagine what that support can look like!) *
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Would you like to hear more about this project? Send us an email and stay in touch! (By providing us with your email, you consent to receive email updates about the JAYA project, as well as about the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, Youth Art Connection and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.
Thank you for your input. Your words will help us to build and implement a 3-year action plan to support young artists, organizations and communities advancing peace and justice in Nova Scotia.
This survey is confidential. The Michaëlle Jean Foundation, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and Youth Art Connection will use the information gathered to create a three-year action plan for communities across Nova Scotia. The plan will be available to the public by the winter of 2017, as part of the 4th Wall: Justice, Art & Youth Project. More information about the project can be found at: http://www.fmjf.ca/en/programming/collective-impact/justice/. Your name will not appear in any documentation associated with the initiative. For more information, please contact JAYAinitiative@gmail.com.

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