King's Landing Event Planning Form
This form must be filled out prior to any event being scheduled by an employee or customer. This form must be filled out at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the event. The desired date of the event is not guaranteed, the date set depends on other events going on that have already been planned. This form does not set the event, you must then verify with the event coordinator that your event has been scheduled.

Please note that this form is not an agreement that King’s Landing will handle the promotion of the event. Due to the large number of events we plan, customers holding events must be able to promote their event and bring in participants on their own. If you would like for King’s Landing to provide additional promotion of your event, you need to discuss that with the event coordinator.

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If you want the event to be a repetitive (i.e., every other week) please specify that in the description of the event, then list the desired date as the first date the event would happen.
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