4-H Education Center at Finch Hollow Programming - Fall 2018 Request Form

We offer Nature Interpretive Programs that are designed to create an awareness and appreciation of the natural world through hands-on discovery learning at Finch Hollow or at your school. Each program is individually designed to supplement and assist classroom curricula by providing an informal introduction to a variety of nature topics.

All guided Nature Interpretive Programs are offered FREE OF CHARGE. Self-Guided Nature Interpretive Programs are also available at no cost.

* * * Please note that the MINIMUM group size for any guided program is 10 students. * * *


    * * * Please carefully read the following guidelines before sending your registration request. Questions? Please give us a call at Finch Hollow (607-729-4231) or Cornell Cooperative Extension's main office (607-772-8953). * * * 1. Fall 2018 programs begin on Monday, September 24, 2018 and continues through Friday, December 14, 2018. Programs are free of charge. 2. For Animals Up Close: Program content is suitable for ages 3 and up (4 and up for Insects Up Close). Because of the hands-on nature of these programs, preschool groups are requested to limit group size to a maximum of 20 children. Larger groups can be accommodated with multiple presentations. (Minimum group size is 10 children). 3. For 4-Hour Visits: Registration will be limited to no more than 50 students, accompanied by no more than 10 adults. Pre-Visit Planning Sessions will take place at the 4-H Education Center at Finch Hollow or at your program site. 4. For Mini-Visits: Registration will be limited to no more than 25 students, accompanied by no more than 5 adults. No pre-visit planning session is required. 5. Minimum group size for any guided program is 10 students. 6. So that services may be provided to all interested Broome County schools, please note: Registration will be limited to ONE Fall program and ONE Winter-Spring program per class, per school year. Both programs may take place at Finch Hollow, or ONE program may be held at school. 7. Registration requests for separate grade levels must be on separate forms. 8. If you are requesting programs for several groups that meet at different times, separate registration forms must be completed. 9. Registration forms are processed in the order received. If all your date choices are unavailable, every effort will be made to find an alternative date. 10. Registration for programs to be held between September 24th and December 14, 2018 begins August 27 and continues until all dates are filled. There is no request for registration deadline, but earlier requests will have a greater selection of dates. * * * If you are planning a visit to the 4-H Education Center at Finch Hollow, please carefully consider your schedule when choosing activities and allow sufficient time for travel, removal of outdoor apparel, restroom time, snack time (if desired) and travel back to your facility. * * *
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