Thompson Drama Project Registration 2018
Please submit this form once for EACH of your participating actors.
Child's Name
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Primary Person and Phone Number
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Secondary Person and Phone Number
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Best person and phone number to reach during rehearsal
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Child's special talents
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Primary email
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Secondary email
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We may not need your child each week, but please indicate on a regular basis when your child is able to attend rehearsals
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Child's Grade
Please list any conflicts that you foresee on any specific rehearsal days between mid January and early April.
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Does your child have permission to leave rehearsals once finished without being picked up by an adult?
If you specified "No" above, please list all adults (including yourself) who have your permission to pick up your child at the end of rehearsal.
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Volunteer Committees
I will participate in the following volunteer committees during the rehearsal months. There will be additional opportunities during play week. Please check all that apply:
Photo Release
The Thompson Drama Project (TDP) would like to occasionally photograph rehearsals and may videotape performances. These photographs may be shared with other families participating in the TDP, the Thompson School community, and/or possible media coverage.
Please list any allergies or medical conditions of which we should be aware. (If none, please write "none.")
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Does your child require the use of an Epi-Pen?
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Child's Doctor's name and phone number
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Medical Policies and Procedures
Children should not be sent to rehearsal with any communicable illness, e.g. strep throat, conjunctivitis, fever above 100 degrees. If any of the above are suspected, rehearsal volunteers will notify parents and the child will be asked to go home. A parent volunteer will notify the family contacts as listed above of any medical situation requiring more than minor first aid. If the parent or alternate contact person cannot be reached, TDP will seek emergency medical treatment as described in the Consent for Medical Treatment below.
Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
The law requires that parental permission be obtained for medical procedures on minors. In the event of a medical emergency where all family contacts cannot be reached, I hereby give permission to the Thompson Drama Project to secure medical treatment, including hospitalization, for the child named above I also give permission to the Thompson Drama Project to arrange necessary related transportation for my child in the event of such medical emergency. In the case of a life threatening medical emergency, 911 will be called.
Permission and Liability Waiver
I give permission for my child to participate in the Thompson Drama Project's (TDP) 2018 play production and hereby waive The Thompson Drama Project and its personnel from liability for any accidental injury, and for any damage to or loss of my property. I further understand that each and every participant is required to “sign-in” with a TDP representative upon arriving at the rehearsal and/or performance; and that each and every participant, and his/her Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult*, will also be required to “sign-out” with a TDP representative upon leaving the rehearsal and/or performance. By signing below, I hereby absolve TDP and from any and all liability as stated above, and further from any responsibility for said participants prior to “signing-in” and subsequent to “signing-out”.
Thompson Drama Project Groundrules
My child and I have read and discussed the groundrules that were provided to us, and we understand and agree to follow them.
I certify that all of the above information is true and accurate. This serves as my signature.
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