[blue \x80] OPEN CALL FOR: artworks - installations - short films

Why does my screen go blue when things go wrong ?

Blue has invaded our digital lives with a strong symbolism and its expressive nuances. As citizens of the internet today, we all know the difference between a problematic blue and a blue designed to make up the safe space of a social network.

\x80 is the max() quantity of hexadecimal blue >> from loose cables, the color of wikipedia links, to the iconic “blue screen of death” (BSOD), blue represents a default setting, a fallback option when all other blues fail.

Blue \x80 strives to start over, pushing to the fore the relationship we have with machines without proprietary interface, thus leaving room for a free association between physical and digital bodies.


With the ever changing forms of new media art and its role in society, we wish to record and curate not only glitch momentums, but open interpretations and emotional responses to the theme and event title.

Open Call for performances / workshops / lectures:


DEADLINE : 10th of August 2018
EXTENDED DEADLINE : 20th of August 2018

NB :

- artworks will not be printed, each artist will have an individual display + computer.
With this in mind, we'd like to encourage you to submit in the format you prefer as we'll gladly accept artworks that aren't defaulted to a classic img format by usual constraints (think OBJ, HTML, TXT, corrupted & unbaked content,.. )

- installations have dedicated areas depending on artist's needs (+ we have a space available for a VR project)

- short films will be projected once in front of a seated public the evening of the opening.

for any further questions email zoestawska@gmail.com && kaspar.ravel@gmail.com
or contact us on facebook if you're fam <3

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