Tic-Tech-Toe Event registration
Usually a game in which two players alternatively put Xs and Os in the boxes to form a vertical or horizontal line. But, unlike the actual Tic Tac Toe, you have 3 rounds in this.
1 - you have an aptitude test to clear to get to the exciting part
2 - comes the actual game where in one team needs to solve the given questions to mark your Os. Yes, just Os for every right answer you get to mark an O and for the wrong answers you get an X
The more the number of Os the better chances to qualify
3 - based on the number of questions solved you clear to this round where you are given a task using the software tool assigned to come up with a solution out of the box using your analytic and logical skills.
Registration fee: 100/- per team. 50/- per head.

Event Timing: September 15th-16th, 2017, 10AM-4PM
Event Address: CBIT, Gandipet.

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