Lodge Leadership
Being a committee member is a great way to serve your lodge and council. In addition, committee members are sure to learn a series of valuable skills that will further their journey throughout scouts and life. Each committee specialize in a different area, although all committee are valuable assets to the lodge be sure to read through each committee description to see which one most interest and fits you
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Leadership Opportunities
The Lodge has multiple opportunities for all Arrowmen to help serve there lodge and council. Foremost, is the Lodge Executive Committee, the Lodge Executive committee is composed of the Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice Chiefs, and Lodge officers. All Executive Committee members are voted on by Lodge Youth membership at fall fellowship. Committee's are another great way to serve your lodge, the lodge currently has multiple committees that are listed below. With a large variety of committees, there is any area for any Arrowmen to serve. Each committee has a committee chairmen which is appointed by the Lodge Chief. Each Lodge officer, and each committee has an adviser for adult Arrowmen who wish to serve. If you have any questions on service opportunities please contact wagulilodge@gmail.com
Communications Committee
The communications committee works to keep all scouts throughout the Northwest Georgia council informed on all Lodge and council events. Primarily by regularly enforcing our communications network that sends out monthly newsletter and frequent post on all of the Waguli social media platforms. In addition, they create the graphics that appear for promotional purposes.
Ordeal Committee
The Ordeal Committee primarily works to assist ordeal candidates in having an enjoyable experience through ordeal. All committee members work as elangomats in both the spring and summer ordeal, and since their role is to act as a guide they have the responsibility to lead ordeal Candidates through a positive and meaningful ordeal experience. In addition, the ordeal committee works to prepare and encouraging candidates on their journey by sealing their brotherhood
Brotherhood Committee
The Brotherhood Committee serves all ordeal members by guiding them in their journey to brotherhood. Through the assistance of the committee, ordeal members are able to complete a successful brotherhood conversion. These Nimats work to instill the fundamental principals into all members by teaching them and through their daily representation of the scout oath and law.
Service Committee
The Service Committee works ensure all events are effectively run and organized, so that all Arrowmen can enjoy Lodge events to an outstanding degree. Committee members act as quatermasters for the event to ensure all lodge set up is conducted. In addition, the committee works to find more service opportunities, and assist in any lodge service events. They take to heart E Urner Goodman words, "He who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows greatest."
Vigil Committee
‚ÄčThe Vigil committee seeks to recognize those who most exemplify the words spoken by E. Urner Goodman, "He who serves his fellowman is of all his fellows greatest, and displays the virtues of the scout oath and law to the highest standard. Committee members work assist the Vigil youth in the selection of the Vigil nominees, but the final consideration is a vote from all Vigil Youth. In addition the committee works to analyze and complete all necessary documents to ensure procedures are completed.

The Vigil Committee is currently full, please apply for another committee
Unit Relations Committee
The Unit Relations Committee strives to strengthen and unify the lodges connections to all troops. The committee works to provide unit visitations and elections to carry out this its goal of creating stronger connections throughout the council. Committee members work to carry out unit elections and facilitate Waguli's OA Unit Representative Program. In addition, they conduct unit visitations to inform Scouts of upcoming Lodge and Council Events.
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