Louisiana Quiz Bowl Registration
Please use the following form to register your team to attend future Louisiana Quiz Bowl Alliance events. You will need to fill out a new Registration form for each team you wish to register. Additional details for this event can be following at the tournaments respective team pages on the Alliance's website: http://www.louisianaquizbowl.org
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Tulane University in New Orleans
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Please choose which event you would like to register your team to attend. Please note that the packet set being used is marked with parenthese and the available divisions are given in brackets.
The entry fee for this tournament is $90 per team with a $10 discount available for bringing a fully functional buzzer lockout system. One junior varsity team per school may play at this tournament for FREE. Multiple teams from a single school may compete, however, you must enter each team separately with this form.
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May be Coach, Faculty Member, Parent, or accompanying adult
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Please choose the division which best fits your team. Elementary is for students in grades 6 or below. Middle school is for students in grades 8 or below. Junior Varsity is for students is grades 10 or below. Please verify that the tournament you wish to sign up has a division matching your team.
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Please enter your team's roster with a maximum of 6 players. For each player please use a format like: John Smith (2021) in which each student's HIGH SCHOOL graduation year is provided parenthetically.
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