ISEB 2021 Survey of Members
Dear ISEB Members, Contributors, Authors, and Friends,

The executive board of ISEB hopes this survey finds you well! As our organization recovers from the past year, we are reaching out to you, our members, to ensure that we can best serve you in the years ahead. Covid-19 has given us a time to reflect, research, analyze, and move forward. We need you to speak to our forward trajectory.

Please, complete this short survey so that we can best serve you moving forward.

We look forward to seeing you all in St. Louis in October, where we will discuss the results of this survey, and make plans to move into our next 5 year cycle. Please submit your proposals before July 31st. We are very excited to see everyone and hear your research!

Thank you,
Prairie Endres-Parnell & Ed Janak
President, & President-Elect
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When I think about my involvement in ISEB:
Are there additional ideas that come to mind when you think about your involvement with ISEB?
When I think about the October, 2021 conference:
When you think about our future conferences, including the 2021 conference, what is your primary concern(s) when considering attendance?
When it comes to conference locations:
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As you consider sites, please let us know if you prefer the majority of the program to be at:
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When thinking about the conference, which are your primary concerns?
Please consider the timing and format preferences for conferences. When it comes to attending an annual ISEB conference, I prefer:
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As you anticipate our future conferences, would you prefer:
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When attending ISEB, would you prefer:
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As you consider the annual conference in its current state, do you:
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As you consider the annual conference, what meal options would you prefer?
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When it comes to our journal, please identify your preferences:
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Thinking about the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 academic year, do you:
In the context of health and safety, do you feel you are:
What final thoughts, ideas, concepts would you like the executive committee to know?
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