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Could your skills, energy, experience and enthusiasm be a fantastic asset to a movement committed to democracy and to the socialist principles set out in the 2017 manifesto?

Do you have friends, or family members - or know people in your community - who would make fantastic councillors or MPs, or help revitalise Labour Party branch and constituency parties?

How do you feel about helping people come together, campaigning with local communities and building a grassroots, socialist Labour Party delivering a transformational policy program for the many, not the few?

Labour needs people with belief in the vision of a better future based on core principals of equality and social justice. People who are passionate about representing party members and campaigning in support of local communities. Momentum wants to help find and support candidates for positions at all levels of the party who are committed to bringing change and the transformational agenda set out by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. By providing training, advice, and building networks with other members we can help revitalise the Labour party and build confidence, enthusiasm and the ability to quickly deliver Labour’s policies - locally and nationally.

We need your support. Please fill out this form and let us know what kinds of positions in the Labour Party you (or your friends/contacts) might be interested in standing for. Labour is now the largest political party in Europe. Lets help the party make the most of its greatest asset - people like you!

For more information on Labour Party structures and roles, follow this link:

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