Application for Scholarship to Mindful Explorers
This 3-month scholarship offer goes out to those experiencing economic hardship at this time that would otherwise not be able to consider joining Mindful Explorers at this time. The program is geared towards elementary school-aged children and their grown-ups.

If you are able to pay the monthly fees without hardship, please consider allowing someone else to take part in this offer. Thank you for understanding. ($20 per month for the whole family / $15 if you apply with the coupon code "HealthyHabitsNewYear" by Jan 31)

Filling out this application is not a guarantee to receive the scholarship. The number of scholarships being offered at this time are limited. You will be contacted once a decision has been made. Check your email!

~ Dee DiGioia
Your Mindfulness Coach
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Thank you for your interest in Mindful Explorers!
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Agreement: I have viewed the "Mindful Explorers" membership description on the website ( ) and would like to be considered for the scholarship for a 3 month membership to Mindful Explorers. *
This membership is geared towards children in elementary school however it can be adapted up or down. Please write the ages/grades of all children who will be participating. *
Please provide some background and reasons why you would like your family to become a member. What would you like your child/children (and yourself) to learn or get out of this program? This will be important in determining consideration for the scholarship ~ please provide as much detail as you would like. Remember - scholarships are limited. *
If you are awarded this scholarship, you will be asked to agree to the following: (1) You will provide a short summary/written feedback at the end of each month - from your child and from yourself. (2) You will access and engage with the online program regularly (completing at least one module per month and answering the reflection questions). Lack of engagement will terminate your scholarship so that others may be given the opportunity to participate. (3) Write a thank you note to the person/company who is funding the scholarship (I will provide the details later.) *
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