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Heather M Schiefer Independent Creative Design + Photography

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To develop a solid brand you have to be consistent across all platforms and advertising media. I don’t just mean your website either. Your social media profiles, print ads, mailers, promotions, even video and radio spots ... these should all have the same tone, feeling and appearance so that your viewers know that you are a professional who is capable of providing them with quality products and services, every time.

This document is a brief that I use to evaluate your creative needs so that we can work together to develop a brand that is focused, relevant and capable for growth. But this isn’t just about your business ...

I use it to get to know YOU as well.

You can fill it out how ever you want. Print it and hand write your answers or fill it out electronically and email it to me. What ever gets your creative juices flowing. Although, do consider the environment before printing ... we love trees.
My purpose is to inspire and nourish confidence, independence and self-love through my design. I want you to empower you to develop marketing strategies, organize campaigns and grow your business knowing that your creative will be solid and effective.

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