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DigiPLACE - Application for Community of Stakeholders Network
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Pursuant to article 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, we inform you that the personal data acquired are processed, also through automated means, by Politecnico di Milano – Dipartimento di Architettura, Ingegneria delle Costruzioni e Ambiente Costruito - Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering Department, for sending the H2020 - DigiPLACE – “Digital Platform for Construction in Europe” project newsletter and for communication about future events, initiatives and activities.
Identity Data Controller and Contact Point
The Data controller of Politecnico di Milano is the General Manager upon authorization of the pro-tempore Rector – contact:
Responsible for data protection and contact points
Dr. Vincenzo Del Core – Phone: +39 02.2399.9378 – e.mail:
Internal data processor
Dott. Alberto Pavan – e.mail:
Data will be processed by other authorized parties and, for this purpose, in compliance with current legislation.
Personal information acquired
The personal data collected are basically related to identification data and contact details (name and surname, e-mail address, Country). These data are directly provided by the interested party.
Purposes of data processing
The purpose of the processing of personal data is the sending of the event newsletter, the scientific dissemination newsletter and communications about future events, initiatives and activities of H2020 - DigiPLACE project. The following table specifies, for each of the purposes identified above, the legal basis, the categories of personal data, and their related storage period:
Reciving the newsletter for the events of H2020 - DigiPLACE project *
Reciving communications and invitations to take parts to future events, initiatives and activities of H2020 - DigiPLACE project, by e-mails and newsletter. *
Reciving questionnaires and interview requests *
Storage period of personal data: Duration of the contract (+ 2 years)
Recipient categories: In relation to the purposes mentioned above, the data may be forwarded to companies and/or persons, that provide services, including external ones, on behalf of the Data Controller in order to carry out, promote and make known the event.
The data you provide will be included on the H2020 - DigiPLACE project Mailing platform, to send the newsletter.
Nature of data The provision of data is optional.
If you refuse to provide data you will not be allowed to register and, therefore, to receive the event and scientific dissemination newsletter of the H2020 - DigiPLACE project. If you refuse to provide data for communication you will not receive them.
Data Transfer to Extra EU country. The personal data will not be, in any way, transferred to non-EU countries.
Exceptional events can bring to redefine the role of one or more consortium partners with respect to the belonging to the EU area: in this case this contract will adopt the standard clauses defined by the COMMISSION DECISION of 15 June 2001 on standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to third countries, under Directive 95/46/EC, and the COMMISSION DECISION of 27 December 2004 amending Decision 2001/497/EC as regards the introduction of an alternative set of standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to third countries (notified under document number C(2004) 5271).
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