2018 Edison High School Hall of Fame
Honoring for the first time, two athletes will enter the hall as tennis doubles partners. Tim Grivna and Mike Mogen (1968) were undefeated in doubles for two seasons during '67 and '68 tennis seasons and were a key part in the team winning back to back city and district titles.

Charlie Kangas (1968) a three sport athlete, excelled in tennis and as a two year starter in football and Basketball.   

Mar Jung (2002) will be entering the Hall of Fame as a 3-Time conference meet Champion in Cross Country.  

We are looking for athletes from the following championship teams:
1950-Football, 1951-Baseball, Golf, Basketball, 1953- Golf, 1954-Skiing, 1955- Golf, Skiing, 1956-Football, Golf, 1957-Golf, 1959-Golf, 1962-Tennis, 1964-Skiing, 1965-Golf, Basketball, 1967-Tennis, 1968-Tennis, Skiing, 1969-Golf

If you participated on any of these teams please contact me to begin a contact list and get your teammates to attend and be honored.

Event Details
Sunday, November 11
3:00p.m. Social Hour
4:00 -7:00p.m. Dinner and Inductions
Event Address: Elsie's Bowling Alley, 729 Marshall Street N.E.

Contact us at: John Banisky (651) 285-3618 or john.banisky@mpls.k12.mn.us
Tickets are $20 each

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