GIN GAP/GBP 2020-2021 Team Application
The Global Ambassadors Program is an international team that recruits a select group of passionate student leaders from around the world. These leaders are expected to work collaboratively in building a sustainable future and empowering the Global Issues Network. The Global Ambassadors Program opens possibilities for leaders to express themselves and obtain success in diverse areas. Please read this page before applying:

Since the beginning of the 2019-2020 calendar year, the GAP Team has been focusing on developing and polishing the GIN Project Curriculum. As a GAP Team member, you will be working with others as one unified team to achieve this goal.

In the future, you will be able to apply for more distinct GAP Team Departments, however, please keep in mind that at the beginning, all GAP Team members will be working in the development of educational content, media, design aspects.

Specifically, you will be:
- testing the GIN Project Curriculum as it stands
- providing feedback on the GIN Project Curriculum and identifying areas for reiteration
- working in teams to co-develop, improve and finalize the GIN Project Curriculum

Time Expectations: Must be able to dedicate 4-6 hours a week and commit to this internship for at least 3 semesters.

Requirements Checklist for application: Consent & Support
Submission of the GAP Team Application Form.
Submission of GAP Guardian & Mentor Consent Form to include:
- The permission of your legal guardian to participate: We recommend that you share GAP Student Team expectations, roles and responsibilities with your legal guardian upon request for permission to participate.
- The support of a GIN Educator Mentor at your school: Identify, request, and confirm the support and contacts of a GIN Mentor at your school. We recommend that you share the linked GIN GAP Team Member expectations, roles and responsibilities upon request of their support.
Submission of the GAP Team Mentor Recommendation Form by your GIN Mentor on your behalf.
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