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We are asking the legislature to require WSDOT to do an environmental review of the proposed multi-lane roundabout (the first of many proposed for SR162) at the intersection of SR162 and 128th St E.

This study will expose the shortfalls of the functionality of roundabouts with present and projected traffic conditions, namely traffic volume, traffic direction, truck size (up to 90’ long gravel trucks) and gridlocked conditions. The study will also expose the impacts roundabouts would have to the valley’s natural environment (rural character), public safety (access and egress), and farm-based economy (agribusiness and agritourism).

No Environmental Impact Statement has been done for this proposed roundabout. Neither has a “Context Sensitive Design” review ever been done, a violation of WSDOT policy.

SR162 is projected to carry 150% more traffic than today and roundabouts will not solve the impacts from that increase.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Names and addresses will be used as part of this petition to present to state legislators ONLY.
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