Apply to become a volunteer at the Youth Ki Awaaz Summit 2019
Hello there!

On December 20 and 21, Youth Ki Awaaz is hosting its annual flagship event, the Youth Ki Awaaz Summit, with over 20 powerful speakers and an audience of over 2000 people. Over the two days, we’re looking for young, passionate volunteers to work with us to ensure the event is a success, make new friends and gain an experience we hope you’ll remember for a long time!

We want to work with you if you are:

- Passionate about social change
- Willing to make new friends and enjoy the learning experience
- Interested in event management, journalism, audience management and/or writing about socio-political issues
- Willing to spend 5 days (3 training + 2 main event days) dedicated to the Summit
- Based in Delhi

You’ll get an amazing opportunity to:

- Meet and listen to amazing changemakers
- Learn about audience management via a focused training
- Learn about Youth Ki Awaaz’s core values and mission
- Work closely with the Summit core committee

We also guarantee:

- An equal opportunity and feminist work environment, where only your motivation and will to work and learn matters
- A certificate of experience which will be sent to you after the Summit
- An early invite to join us for future Youth Ki Awaaz events in Delhi
- Travel and food expenditure
- YKA Summit goodies – t-shirts, notebooks and more

So, are you the ninja we’re looking for?
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Have you attended any YKA events before in Delhi or any other city? | क्या आपने इससे पहले YKA का कोई भी इवेंट अटेंड किया है?
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Are you comfortable with handling technology/familiar with technical stage set up? If yes, please specify | क्या आप टेक्नोलॉजी से जुड़ी चीजें हैंडल करने या मंच के टेक्नीकल सेट-अप को संभालने में सक्षम हैं?
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