Application: Knight Lab Studio Fall 2020
Thanks for your interest in the Knight Lab Studio

The Lab is running 3 projects and is accepting students into the course via application. You can find a longer description of the class and one-sheets describing the projects in detail here:

This course is constructed as a lab—teams of students work on a single problem for 10 weeks. We’re looking for driven, motivated students with the curiosity and determination to drive a project from start to finish. You should be comfortable with ambiguity, and have a strong desire to identify lines of questioning and paths to find the answers. We expect students to spend six hours a week on the project outside of class time, preferably with your team. Synthesizing the work you do and communicating it clearly to your teammates and to the instructional team will be crucial; you should expect to spent a portion of each week doing this.

We're looking to assemble diverse, multidisciplinary teams of students with a variety of experiences; please be honest in your answers and take the time to look at your other coursework to determine that you have the time and energy to put into a team-based project this quarter.

The class is cross-listed as JOUR 342/442 and EECS 397/497. For Fall 2020, it meets Tuesday and Thursday 2:40-4:00pm via Slack and Zoom.

TL;DR: Successful applicants will take the time to read this ^^.

Any questions can be directed to Zach Wise (

Deadline for consideration is August 22nd at 9AM. We expect to let applicants know if they're accepted by the evening of August 23rd.
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