Bullying/Harassment Incident Report
Steps to follow for students, prior to filing the incident report. 1. Ask the person to stop the behavior/harassment (don't assume they are joking or "messing around"). 2. Tell the nearest adult, bus driver, lunchroom attendant, associate, teacher, advisor, etc. 3. If unresolved file this report and/or speak to the counselor, principal or other administrator. Faculty and Staff: 1. Speak the harasser/bully 2. Redirect the harasser/bully. 3. Follow up with student who has been bullied either directly or by filing this form.
Name(s) of person(s) who were bullied or harassed. *
Student may have fought back. They don't have to be "innocent".
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Role of person doing the bullying or harassment *
Name(s) of student(s) doing the harassment or bullying *
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Where did the incident occur? *
Name(s) of witness(s) *
Maybe passive bystanders or supporters
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Explain what happened as you saw it, or as it happened to you, or was described to you. *
Please use as much detail as possible
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How did you intervene? If you did not intervene, please describe your actions after the incident. *
If you were not present, please describe your follow-up actions.
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To your knowledge, does this action follow a pattern of behavior? *
Has the agressor behaved this way before, or has the target previously reported bullying and/or harassment?
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Please add any comments that may be relevant
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Please let us know who you are. *
Your Name: Person giving the report--Not Required
Your name is not required, and this is anonymous. However, follow-up questions would be helpful in the investigation. If you don't give your name it will be difficult to follow up
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