Caribbean Tourism Industry: Training Survey for Owners, Owner/Managers, Senior Executives and Managers
For further information contact Hadford Howell or Wayne Lynch at our CARI-TaRG Secretariat in Barbados: or
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1. Do you have a Training Plan for your organisation as a whole?
2. Do you employ a dedicated Training Officer?
3. Does your organisation have a specific structured training plan for all employees?
4. How is training delivered to staff?
5. What is the % of each of the above (e.g. 1:1 70%; online 6% etc.)
5.1 1:1
5.2 Formal Teaching Environment
5.3 On-line
5.4 On-the-job
6. Does your training provider offer a personal training/reference manual at the end of any training?
7. Do you have a formal internal mentoring system?
8. Do refresher courses take place?
9. How often do refresher courses take place? (If YES to Question 8)
10. Is there an appraisal system to monitor progress and learning?
11. How is individual competence measured before and after training?
12. Do you think digital skills are important for organizations?
13. Does your organisation provide assessments to measure hard and soft skills (including digital) before and after training?
14. Do you think that continuous on-line assessment to assess the promotion and sharing of learning could be useful to measure systems and training effectiveness?
15. Do you feel enough support is given within your organisation to train new employees?
16. Do you feel your organisation receives enough support from professional bodies, Government and training institutions?
17. Do you feel you have a choice of training providers locally to meet your needs?
18. Is the training on offer locally of a sufficiently high enough standard?
19. Do you feel that any training you have to pay for is value for money?
20. Please write in the box below the name of any training course(s) appropriate to your organisation that you would like BUT are not yet offered locally.
21. If relevant and appropriate online courses were available would this influence how your employees are trained?
22. Can we contact you by e-mail (at the address you have given above) to discuss your responses in more detail? *
23. If you have any further comments please state below
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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