JURE2016 - Workshops registration

Dear participants,

We are delighted to announce our workshops and let you know that you can use this form to register.

The workshops are structured around different topics related to professional development, quantitative and qualitative research methods and domain-specific workshops. The workshops are taking place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (from 4th to 7th of July) at 15.15-17.15.

You can participate in one workshop each day. In the registration form you can prioritize the workshops according to your preferences and you may choose your first, second and third workshop preferences. Our committee will proceed into the allocation following a "first comes, first served" strategy in the workshop sessions. Hence, in case that your first preference could not be fulfilled then we will move on to your next preferences.

Please note that the deadline for completing your registration is Wednesday, 15th of June. After that date the registration process for JURE 2016 workshops will be finalised and any unregistered delegates will be allocated randomly to any workshops that have still available places.

You can see the descriptions of the workshops at http://www.earli-jure2016.org/workshops.html

For any inquiries, you can contact us at jure2016helsinki@gmail.com