CMARA Membership Application
Application for membership in the Central Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association.  All new memberships voted in by at least a two-thirds vote of members in good standing present at a general meeting.
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Call Sign
Leave this blank if you do not yet have an amateur radio license.
Last Name *
First Name (Full) *
Nickname or Shortened First Name, if any
Mailing Address *
Primary Phone *
Your phone number will only be used for emergency or specific reasons.  For example, if you volunteered to help with an event and the event coordinator needs to call it off, etc.
Email Address *
Your email address will be added to our email list.  Only our Secretary can send to the email list, which only happens an average of 2 per week.  Please whitelist the email address to ensure you get our emails.
Ham radio interests
Describe any particular interests you have in ham radio.  This will help us guide you to the right people in the club that have similar interest, as well as provide meeting programs that match our membership's interests.
Are you a member of the ARRL? *
I understand that I also need to pay dues in order to get voted in as a CMARA member.  Dues payments and links to PayPal are available here: *
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