Arctic Youth Ambassador Nominator & Mentor Form 2020-2021 Cohort

This is the form for Nominators and mentors.

YOUTH APPLICANT Forms can be found here:


For: Teachers, Mentors, and Youth Advocates

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS must be within the ages of 17-20 and be a resident of Alaska (students attending college out of state are eligible, but funding for travel may be limited). See additional eligibility criteria below.

What is the Arctic Youth Ambassadors Program?

The Arctic Youth Ambassadors program brings together diverse youth from across Alaska to serve as ambassadors for their communities and country in building awareness at home and abroad about their lives in the Arctic. Changes in the Arctic did not happen overnight, and some of the challenges the region (and the world) faces, such as climate change, cannot be solved overnight. Younger generations will play an important role in addressing these challenges. The Arctic Youth Ambassadors is one group of knowledgeable youth from across the State who understand the Arctic and its people and can explain it from a youth perspective for their peers across the United States and around the world.

The program launched in 2015 concurrently with the U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council. The first cohort of ambassadors served from 2015-2017. The 2018-2019 cohort served with the US Chairmanship of the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) working group of the Arctic Council. The 2020-2021 cohort will work with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and several local and national organizations on Arctic conservation and community resilience efforts-- in Alaska and internationally. The youth ambassadors will share their local perspective on Arctic issues and priorities and new knowledge they gain by engaging with partners, peers, and leaders from around the world. They’ll add their voices and solutions to a global conversation about how to sustain communities, cultures and the environment in a changing Arctic.


Who might be eligible as a Youth Ambassador? We are seeking people who meet the following criteria:

-Must be within the ages of 17-20 and be a resident of Alaska (students attending college out of state are eligible, but funding for travel may be limited)
-Available to participate intermittently over the next 18 months (approx.)
-Will have committed support of a mentor (may be a teacher, coach, counselor, relative, community leader, or other adult mentor)
-Show a high level of maturity, high potential in leadership, and would be successful working with peers from a wide diversity of backgrounds
-Demonstrate an interest in issues relevant to the changing Arctic—these issues range from ecology, wildlife, and traditional knowledge to community wellness, sustainable economic development, national and international policy, and resiliency of Arctic communities
-Are dependable to respond promptly, follow-through on commitments, and seek help when needed to meet the expectations of this program
-Are willing and able to travel (with in-state travel expenses covered by the program and some flexibility to accommodate school and work schedules)
-Willingness and ability to be involved in programs and projects intermittently through 2021

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