Orchestra - 2020 Solo and Ensemble Registration Form--Due by Friday, February 21, 2020
Dear Orchestra Parents,

On Saturday, April 18, 2020, the annual Howard County Elementary Solo and Ensemble Festival will be held at Long Reach High School from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  This festival is an opportunity for elementary band and orchestra students currently enrolled in our school’s instrumental music program to perform solos and in small group ensembles (Duets, Trios, Quartets, etc.)  All students will have ten minutes to perform their music before an adjudicator.  The adjudicator will give both verbal and written feedback of the performance - very much like a short private lesson.  Students will also receive a certificate for their participation in this festival.  As you can see, students will gain many benefits from participating in this festival.

If your child is taking private lessons, please consult your private teacher for help in choosing an appropriate solo piece of music.   If your child elects to participate and does not take private lessons, I am happy to help select a piece of music appropriate for your child.  If you would like me to choose a piece of music for your child, please simply type in the online registration forms' “Title of Selection” area "Please choose for me."  I will be choosing music from The Suzuki Book #1, which is an appropriate book for elementary school students.  If your child would like to play a solo, you will need to purchase a copy of this book, which can be found at most music stores or online.  No photocopies are permitted, as an original copy of the music must be used at the festival.  You may choose to use or not use an accompanist/pianist.

I will also be available to listen to and coach students that participate in the festival.  Once the registration deadline is closed on February 21st, I will send out a rehearsal schedule with the individual times that I will be available to help each child.  Please look for this schedule around the beginning of March.

In order to participate, you must complete and submit the registration form below by Friday, February 21, 2020.  The fee for students performing a SOLO this year is $10 and students performing in an ensemble (two or more musicians performing together) will be paid for by Dayton Oaks E.S (this is normally $5 per student; however, Mr. LaRoche has agreed to cover this fee).  If your child would like to perform a solo, please remember to send me a $10 check (made out to DOES) to cover the cost of your child’s solo performance.  *If your child is performing in an ensemble, (i.e. duo, trio, quartet, etc.) please complete and submit the online form by February 21st. (NO CHECK IS NEEDED FOR THE ENSEMBLES)  Students ARE permitted to perform in both a solo event as well as an ensemble event.

Once the festival coordinators receive all HCPSS’s registration forms, they will send all music teachers a copy of the assigned time schedule for each child’s performance, which I will forward to you as soon as it is received. (I usually receive this about one or two weeks before the festival.)

If you have any questions, please contact me at school at 410-313-1571. Thank you for your support of the instrumental music program.

Tammy Sutton
DOES Orchestra Teacher


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4.  If you have chosen to perform a solo, please type the title of your selection along with the composer's name in the box below.  Please type "Please choose for me" if you would like Ms. Sutton to choose an appropriate piece of music for your child.
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6.  If yes, how many students will be performing in the ensemble?
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7.  If you have chosen to perform in an ensemble, please type the title of your selection along with the composer's name in the box below.  Please type "Please choose for me" if you would like Ms. Sutton to choose an appropriate piece of music for your child.
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12.  Parent Agreement *
My child has my permission to participate in the Solo & Ensemble Festival at Long Reach High School on April 18, 2020.  I will support and encourage my child to practice the music and provide transportation to Long Reach High School at the appropriate time on the day of the event.  Please TYPE YOUR NAME IN THE BOX BELOW to acknowledge that you have read and understand this important information.
How much do I pay?
If your child is playing a solo, the fee is $10.  Please make your check out to DOES  (include your child's name in the memo area) AND  send in your check to Ms. Sutton by Friday, February 21, 2020.  If your child is playing in an ensemble (2 or more students), the fee will be paid by Dayton Oaks.  
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