Marietta College Choir Audition Registration (Fall 2019)
Hello, everyone! Please note: BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM, you must sign up for an audition time by clicking here:

Then, fill out the form below. AFTER filling out the form below, return to to access your audition information, sheet music, and rehearsal tracks.

Note: if accepted into the Concert Choir, class meets M/W/F from 12-12:50pm.

Note: if accepted into Floodstage, we will determine a meeting time based on student schedules, though the class typically meets MWF from 4-4:50pm (see: for more information on this).

Note: if you are NOT interested in joining Concert Choir or Floodstage, you are not required to audition; you may simply show up for Women's Choir (T/TH at 4pm-5:15pm in the choir room) or the Oratorio Chorus (Mondays from 7pm-9pm in the choir room).

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Singing in a choir at Marietta College comes with many great opportunities to sing but we also work together to ensure our own success. Singers are expected to help set up for choral events including risers, solo & ensemble help, fundraisers, etc. Do you understand and agree to participate in these expectations willfully? *
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