Activation Call Application
Welcome, dear one.

This application is reserved for those ready to invest in themselves + answer the call.

For the woman who is ready to elevate, no matter what it takes. Who knows she's alive to do more than survive. Who wants - no, needs - to do more than go through the motions of life, work 40 hours a week and wait for retirement.

Your intution led you here for a reason. Your soul is calling for healing, purpose, expansion, abundance. This is your time.

Let's get started.
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If we worked together, what would our sessions look like? How would we spend our time? How would you feel during and after our work? What do you see us working on and moving through? *
Pause and close your eyes for a moment - visualzie our container, my support, your healing, expansion and elevation. What do you see, feel, sense?
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What is your work in the world? Does it light you up? If not, tell me more. *
What do you do right now, and what do you want to do?
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Are you ready to financially invest in yourself to shift out of survival mode and start to thrive in life, love and business? *
Will you be honest, vulnerable and transparent with me and with yourself within the safe, loving container we create together? *
And finally, what makes you unique, magical, divine? *
Everyone has magic in them - if you're a little unclear, no sweat. We'll get cleare together. For now, let your intuition guide you.
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I love you, gorgeous! Once you hit submit, you'll get the link to schedule your activation call. Please double check that the time + date works, and put it on your calendar, as I'm unable to reschedule these calls.
I can't wait to chat with you soon!
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