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Please write when you woke up , i.e 3 am , 4  am or as your time and write little bit what you read ? If you have not read today  then write "0"Zero
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Please write what you read in college ,i.e . spoken English, Written English , C or any subjects you read .
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Write how much hour you spent in computer lab and what you learnt ? if not write "0"
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Write what you read between 6 pm -9 pm .if not write "0"
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Every day try to watch 20 -30 Minutes Hindi News & 20- 30 Minutes English News. Brief in 50-100 words, what you watched in today news .
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Write what you read between 10 pm  on wards   .if not write "0"
Hey God i completed my day as a student should complete.Please help me  to achieve  my dream. *
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