Practical Librarianship: Data Analysis
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019 | 9:30a - 3:30p
Limited to 32 attendees

Presenter: Sara Richter, MS, Senior Statistician at Professional Data Analysts, Inc.

Registration open from 10.03.19 - 10.31.19
Location: Avila Room, SELCO

Data can provide valuable insights to how your library functions, which programs are most effective, and existing service gaps, but what data should you be collecting? How should you collect it? What do you do with it once you have it? This interactive workshop will provide practical advice for collecting and using different types of data. It will cover the basics of program evaluation and outcome measurement, starting with identifying the evaluation questions and ending with conveying the results through data storytelling.

Prior to coming to the workshop, think about the following questions.

What skills or tools do you hope to take away from this seminar?
What data, if any, do you currently use and how do you use it?
What do you want to know or better understand about your library/program/collections/patrons?

There’s nothing to write down or turn in – just questions to get you thinking. We’ll go over these things at the start of the workshop.

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