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Every year, BAM holds a charity event in the spring to raise money for different nonprofit organizations. It will most likely be held on April 11, with times TBD (probably anywhere between 3-8 pm). Since we are collaborating with multiple student groups this time, it'll be bigger than ever, and we would love to get all the help we could get! Besides being a great asset to resumes, this charity event will help to serve BAM's mission to promote multiculturalism, leadership, and community service.

The following position descriptions are posted below:

Design and Marketing: This position requires creativity and teamwork skills. Responsibilities include designing advertisements on Facebook, creating flyer designs, purchasing/designing props, mixing drinks, and creating promotional materials for the events.

Games/Activities: This position requires collaborating with our student organization partners regarding what cultural activities there will be. Also, you are expected to decide on the raffle prizes and implement roughly 4-8 additional activities.

Logistics: This position is everything related to balancing our budget. Logistics responsibilities include renting out our location, ordering food (catering), managing ticket purchases, ensuring/recording necessary materials from every committee.

*Keep in mind that additional responsibilities may, and will likely be added

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