LWN Foundation Retreat Application
Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Our retreats are created to support all of us to make courageous changes within, which will allow each of us to lift up our families, friendships, and communities.
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How did you hear about our upcoming LWN Foundation retreat?  

What are you excited to experience at the retreat?
What is a body-mind-spirit wellness vision you currently have for yourself? *
Which if the following 6 C's most inspires you & why? 

Calm, Creativity, Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, Community
Which of the 6 C’s is most challenging for you?  How does it challenge you?  How have you sought to step toward this particular C in a healing way?  

Calm, Creativity, Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, Community
We are very interested in developing long-term relationships with our retreat participants....

-- Are you open to staying connected after attending a retreat?  

-- Would you be open to being interviewed before & after your retreat to share about your experience?  

-- Or maybe you have other ideas for how you can share about the LWN Foundation retreat you attended?

Do you need help covering the price of our upcoming LWN Foundation retreat?

** If you would like to apply for a Radical Transformation Scholarship to help you attend an upcoming retreat, please Fill Out This Form.  
** These scholarships are being offered to honor the love, generosity, & passion that Deborah Lahman shared during her time here on Earth. Learn about Deborah here.  
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