Learning to unicycle
How long did it take you to learn?

This questionnaire is for anyone who can ride 50 meters on a unicycle. We would like to hear about your initial progress in learning.
We would appreciate if you could answer the questions below. With the responses, we hope to extend the existing database and improve the numerical model that Klaas Bil developed back in 2003.
The initial data acquisition phase is over, but more responses remain welcome.

Thank you very much!
Claudia Stehr, Klaas Bil
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Your age when you started learning? *
In which calendar year did you start learning?
How many practice hours did it take you to be able to ride 50 meters at once? *
How many days lasted the total period from first practice to riding 50 meters? *
Wheel size of the unicycle you learned on? (Number is printed on the tire, or enter "unknown" if you don't know.) *
Crank length of the unicycle you learned on? (Number may be written on the crank, or measure from centre of wheel axle to centre of pedal axle. Or enter "unknown" if you don't know.) *
Describe in some detail your instructions or examples (YouTube, unicycling club, unicycling friends, book, etc) *
Did you have experience in other sports before unicycling - which sports and how long?
Do you agree that we use your data to publish aggregate (that is, non-individual) statistics? *
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