2023-2024 FALL REGISTRATION                          NFUMC Preschool Registration Request
This is a request to register for classes for the 2023-2024 school year. Once we have reviewed your form, you will be contacted via the email address you supplied on this form to let you know if there is room in our program. Registration is priority based and first-come, first-served on the time stamp of the first child in the family that submitted a form. We enroll church members, then currently enrolled families, and finally the general public (this category includes previously enrolled families that are not currently enrolled). Everyone will submit a form on the same day and we will process them based on their status.  If you are a church member or a currently enrolled family, your priority registration status only applies to March 13 (5 PM). If you enroll after March 13 @ 5 PM, then your status is time-stamp based only.   Please add our email addresses to your contact list so that you do not miss our reply: nmartin@newnanfumc.org, preschool@newnanfumc.org


If your family is NOT currently enrolled in our system, you will then be sent a full registration form to enroll you into Procare. At that point, you will be charged the initial supply fee of $100. Upon receiving your supply fee, we will enroll your child and send you an invoice for the registration fee of the class you were placed into. Your registration is considered complete after you have paid the registration fee and placed a card or account on file for us to charge in the fall. If that fee is not paid within 3 business days, we reserve the right to remove you from the system and give your spot to someone on our wait list.

If your family is currently enrolled in our system, you will be charged the supply fee and registration fee and your child will be fully enrolled. If the payment type we have on file for you is unsuccessful, you have three business days to resolve the issue and make payment before your enrollment is considered cancelled.

PAYMENT: BOTH Supply fee AND Registration Fee are due at the time of enrollment. The supply fee is $100 and the registration fee is the tuition fee found on our website at http://nfumcpreschool.org/admissions/.

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Email *
Parent Name *
Cell Number *
Parent Occupation *
This used to be captured on our old registration forms and we find it helpful to know when attempting to contact parents during school hours. We will be updating all records online with this information.
Additional Parent Occupation *
Type "none" if this does not apply to your situation. This will be the second parent that will be identified on the procare record once we send you that form to fill out.
How many total children from your household are you registering for fall? *
This will help us link all of your enrollment forms together for registration priority.
Registration Status *
This is verified against current membership rosters with our church office before giving priority. Preschool Staff refers to NFUMC Preschool only.
Enrolled in PROCARE at NFUMC? *
Has anyone in your household enrolled in our preschool since we started using ProCare? If so, you are a currently enrolled family even if adding a new child. This is so we can add your FAMILY to ProCare if it is not already in there.
If currently enrolled this school year, which class is the child on this form enrolled in right now?
Child's Full Name *
ONE CHILD PER FORM - EVEN TWINS NEED TWO FORMS FILLED OUT. We will process based on the first child you register.
Age of Child by September 1, 2023 *
Child Birthdate *
Full Mailing Address, including Zip Code
Please provide your complete address here, including zip code. 
Please keep in mind - if your child is not of the right age for the class you select, your registration will not be applied. Pay close attention to the Playschool ages and requirements. Three Year Olds MUST be potty trained.
First Choice - Class Desired *
Second Choice Class
If your first choice is full, would you like us to consider you for an additional age appropriate class before it fills up?
Combination Option (Enroll in 2 classes to make 5 Days)
If you are signing up for a 2 year old or 3 year old class, would you like to be considered for 5 days? If you choose yes, you are signing up for TWO classes - this means you will pay TWO registration fees and the tuition fees for both classes needed to make 5 days. Subject to availability, first come, first served.
Anything you need us to know not covered above?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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