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The OutToBe Podcast is a podcast that discusses all things wellness, self care & mental health, and how these relate to the music industry, artists, songwriters, and industry professionals. Topics discussed include self care tips and practices, mental health & how it is dealt with in the industry and beyond, physical wellness, and any other topics relevant to the ongoing discussion on wellness.

The OutToBe Podcast’s goal is to provide a wide scope of education to listeners that they can use to not only improve their lives, but the lives of others they care about. We're looking for guests who are either:

1. Music industry or (mental/holistic) health professionals who can provide knowledge and insight to our listeners on specific topics surrounding health and wellness.
2. Artists & music industry professionals who will share their personal stories on the topic of wellness, self care, and mental health.

If you vibe with any of the above, submit to be a guest below!
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