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Further information can be found at www.cahf.org.uk 
For any questions please email volunteer@cahf.org.uk
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Volunteer role
Please select the volunteer role/s you are interested in and meet the commitment for.
You only need to select one, but can choose up to 3 if you wish. Before answering, you should have read our role summary on http://cahf.org.uk/volunteering/volunteer-roles/ 

Role - First Preference
Role - Second Preference
Role - Third Preference
Please indicate below which days and times you are generally available (our volunteers are on site 9.30am to 5pm).
Please indicate approximately how many hours or days per week you intend to volunteer for.  This should match the minimum commitment for the role you are interested in - if unsure see: http://cahf.org.uk/volunteering/volunteer-roles/  *
Are there any times that you are likely to be unavailable? e.g. school holidays, exam periods, extended holidays, etc.
In no more than 300 words, we would like you to explain: 1. Why you want to volunteer in this role with us. 2. Your current situation / commitments / responsibilities and how you will be able to balance this with a volunteer role at Citizens Advice H&F. 3. The skills and experiences that you already have that are relevant to this role and the skills and experiences you are looking to develop. 4. We are looking for volunteers that are committed and reliable; tell us what you will add to our team. *
Increasingly our volunteering is delivered remotely via cloud-based server with internet based phone app and all of our reference sources, case recording processes, communication and training is done online. We mainly use Google Workpace (but you can easily transfer Office 365 skills) and video conferencing as well as bespoke platforms (which we will train you on). In 100 words please tell us how you meet the IT skill requirement for this role. *
Please list any other skills / experience that you are willing to bring to volunteering, outside of the direct role you are interested in.  For example; fluent in other languages, photography, advanced IT, social media, graphics / media / editing, marketing / promotion, fundraising, etc.
Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself?
Entitlement to work or volunteer in the UK
If you are not a UK or Irish citizen, it’s important you check you are permitted to volunteer or carry out ‘unpaid work’ in addition to your main reason for entering the country, to avoid jeopardising your visa status.

If you cannot find the answer clearly on your immigration documentation, contact the UK Border Agency (www.gov.uk/contact-ukvi-inside-outside-uk)
EU/EEA nationals from other countries are entitled to volunteer if they have one of the following statuses to volunteer:
Pre-settled status
Settled status
A visa status that allows volunteering (as outlined on the NCVO website: www.knowhow.ncvo.org.uk/your-team/volunteers/recruiting/volunteers-from-overseas)

Our policy on convictions
Having a criminal record is not in itself a barrier to volunteering, and we will only take relevant convictions or sexual offences into account. Our policy is in place to make sure ex-offenders are treated fairly. We consider each offence individually, looking at issues like risk to the client, how long ago it took place, the circumstances and whether they are relevant to the volunteer role.
Anyone with a caution or conviction for a sexual offence against a child or vulnerable adult is considered unsuitable to volunteer.
Please answer the question below:

Have you had any previous convictions not regarded as spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974? For more information see: http://hub.unlock.org.uk/knowledgebase/a-simple-guide-to-the-roa/  *
If YES please provide details of the offence and the date of conviction:
Please give the names and contact details of two people, other than your family, who can tell us about you – for example an employer, tutor or someone who knows you well.
Referee 1 - Full Name *
Referee 1 - email address
Referee 1 - their role / job title / capacity in which they know you *
Referee 2 - Full Name
Referee 2 - email address
Referee 2 - their role / job title / capacity in which they know you
Monitoring information
Citizens Advice values diversity, promotes equality, and challenges discrimination. We welcome and encourage volunteer applications from people of all backgrounds.
Monitoring recruitment and selection procedures is one way that helps us to ensure that there is no discrimination in our recruitment process. To do this we need to know about the diversity profile of people who apply for volunteer roles at Citizens Advice Hammersmith and Fulham.

If you are happy to provide it, we will use this information for the sole purpose of allowing us to monitor equality of opportunity and treatment as necessary to maintain or promote equality within Citizens Advice. The information you give us will be kept securely, won't be shared outside the service and is confidential. If you choose not to complete this section, this will not affect your application.

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Would you describe yourself as disabled?
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Please indicate your ethnic origin by ticking one box
What prompted you to apply to be a Citizens Advice volunteer?
How we will use your data (within the Data Protection Act 1998 and General Data Protection Regulation 2018)
The information you give us on this form will be used to help us decide whether to recruit you as a volunteer - this is our ‘legitimate interest’ under data protection law. It will only be seen by staff involved in the recruitment process, and will be stored securely. We will retain unsuccessful application forms for up to 1 year from the date the application form was received.

If you are recruited we will retain your contact information in order to involve and support you. We will also collect additional information, such as next of kin details, and over time records of training, support meetings and where relevant, appraisals. Again, it will be kept securely, and only those people who need to see your information will have access to it.

All use of volunteer information will be relevant to their involvement, and may include:
Contacting volunteers when necessary
Making changes to role, support or equipment to improve accessibility
Monitoring statistical details of our volunteers
Providing ongoing support to volunteers
Monitoring the quality of advice given to clients
Addressing problems or complaints
You have legal rights over your data, including access to it, and the right to ask that it is corrected, restricted or deleted. There is more information on these rights on the Information Commissioner’s Office website: www.ico.org.uk 
If you have any questions about the use of your data, please contact volunteer@cahf.org.uk

By adding the completion date below, you are confirming that all the information provided above is accurate to the best of your knowledge. *
Explicit Consent
If you have given us any information about your health, disability or access requirements, under data protection law we need your explicit consent to hold or use that information. We will only use it in order to allow us to make reasonable adjustments and/or to keep you safe, and it will be held securely
I give my consent for the information outlined above to be used by Citizens Advice Hammersmith and Fulham.
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