Remote Working in Maine: Survey & Story Capture
Are you remote working in Maine?
There's no doubt about it: COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to remote working, and it's here to stay. As people all over the world are given the option to work from anywhere, we think Maine has a great case to make for why they should bring their careers, income, families, and cultural diversity here to Vacationland.
**Important: safety is first and foremost on our minds. We will not be encouraging people to travel until it is deemed safe.

We're hustling to organize information, resources, and an eventual marketing campaign to position Maine as a leader in that space - the survey and form below will help guide our priorities as we work quickly to get it done!
Who are we? Live and Work in Maine is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping attract and retain the talented people Maine's employers, economy and communities need to thrive into the future. We partner with employers, non-profits, government, and passionate individuals to achieve our goals.
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If you work for a company that is based outside of Maine, please list the name of your organization (i.e. Apple, Zillow, etc)
To help us understand some of the roles Remote Workers in Maine are playing in their organization, please input your job title (ie, Project Manager, CFO, Summer Intern, etc)
Are you interested in learning about virtual or in-person higher education opportunities (certificate programs/graduate programs)? If so, please provide your email
What is the current status of your work setup?
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What zip code do you remote work from? (zip codes will ONLY be used to anonymously map where the remote working communities tend to be in Maine, which will help us prioritize content, and support towns/cities in their efforts)
I would recommend Remote Working in Maine (1 = no way; 5 = it's fine; 10 = heck yeah, it's the best):
Strongly Disagree (would NOT recommend)
Strongly Agree (I freakin' love it)
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Remote Working in Maine has made me better at my job (1 = greatly worse at my job; 5 = stayed the same; 10 = got a zillion times better at my job)
Strongly Disagree (it's made me worse)
Strongly Agree (I'm a rock star)
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My company is supportive of remote working (1: company is NOT supportive of remote working; 5: company is slowly getting on-board with remote working; 10 company is VERY supportive of remote work)
Strongly Disagree (it's made me worse)
Strongly Agree (I'm a rock star)
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Remote Working has improved my quality of life (1 = greatly decreased; 5 = stayed the same; 10 = greatly increased)
Strongly Decreased
Strongly Increased
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I can see myself Remote Working in Maine for years to come:
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What resources, communications, or opportunities in Maine which ALREADY EXIST have been/are being most helpful in making the most of remote working?
What do you WISH existed for resources/opportunities in Maine for remote working?
Interested in being involved?
We may have the need for more feedback, copy writing, success story videos...who knows, there's a lot to do. If you're in to help make the most of this opportunity for Maine, we'd love your help!
Provide us the basic info below, and we'll be in touch.
What's your story? As briefly as you can, we'd love to hear how you came to Remote Work in Maine, and how it works for you now (whether COVID-related or not). If anonymity is a concern, skip this question. But if you're willing to share, we may ask you to be interviewed for a success story video or other marketing content.
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