Remote Learning & Special Education - Parent Feedback Form
Please take this opportunity to provide feedback on how your child's remote learning experience is going. We will use this information to help us strengthen the work that is currently being done. Please feel free to complete one survey per child. Be sure to include your name and email if you would like follow up from special education staff.
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How often is your child's contact with their special education teacher?
My child's communication with the special eduction teacher is:
How often is your child's contact with their related service provider(s) (speech, OT, counselor)?
My child's communication with the related service provider is:
How often is your child's contact with their general education teacher?
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How often is your child's contact with a teaching assistant?
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What methods of communication have been used to connect with your child?
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What are your primary concerns for your child during this time of remote learning?
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Have you shared your concerns with your child's teacher or related service provider?
Your child may not receive individualized instruction and services the same way as they do when school is in session. You and your child’s teachers and school team can be creative in designing ways to provide remote learning opportunities, special education instruction and services. It may not be possible to provide hands-on or face to face therapies or instruction, given the public safety order for social distancing. Specialized instructional opportunities and related services can be modified or provided remotely for your child to receive FAPE.
Have you received a remote learning support/service plan for your child?
Does the remote learning plan inform you of the plan and schedule for your child to receive instruction, services, and other learning opportunities.
Do you have access to your child's IEP?
Have you had a conversation with your child's teacher about how IEP accommodations can be used at home?
Please provide any other feedback on the services and supports your child is receiving during Remote Learning.
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Examples of assistive technology include computers, software, communication devices, calculators,
speech-to-text apps, and Closed Captioning, and other specialized equipment to help your child learn at home.
Does your child have access to technology?
Would you be interested in learning more about how to incorporate additional assistive technology into your home learning environment for your child?
Have you participated in a virtual IEP meeting during this period of remote learning?
If you have participated in a virtual IEP Team meeting, please provide feedback on how it went.
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Please share any other feedback.
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