Interact Banquet RSVP 2018-2019
Please fill out this form if you plan on attending the awards banquet, have earned a certificate, or have completed the requirements for a varsity letter. (Note: You do NOT need to have earned a certificate or letter to attend the banquet, but you must be a general member of the club).
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Please list any committees you have headed (this year or previous) and don't worry if you have forgotten any, as you only need one to earn the silver certificate:
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If you answered other to the previous question, please specify what leadership conference (Leave blank if not applicable)
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I have previously earned a letter or pin for community service (2016, 2017, 2018) *
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I have earned a bronze, silver, or gold certificate for meeting the attendance, leadership conference, and committee head requirements. *
According to the guidelines for the NEW certificates, which certificate would you earn this year? (Please note the requirements are cumulative throughout your tenure at NVHS, so even if you were in charge of a committee as a freshman but are now a senior, that still counts.) *
Please write a 5-8 sentence blurb explaining your favorite community service projects, leadership responsibilities, and highlights of Interact for this year. Students will give a brief explanation of their favorite event (which may or may not be excerpted from what you write here) at the banquet as they receive their awards/certificates. *
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