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Have you found a quotation in a book or magazine that shows a Christianese word or phrase in use? Share the quotation with the Dictionary of Christianese research staff by filling out this form, and the quotation may become part of a blog post or a published book! The Dictionary of Christianese editors are constantly searching through books and magazines to find good quotations of Christianese expressions, and your suggestions will help make sure that we leave no stone unturned in our search for great examples of real Christianese.
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Help us out first by just telling us which Christianese word or phrase the quotation is about. Keep it simple. Type in just the exact Christianese word or phrase.
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For books, tell us the year the book was published. For magazines, tell us the year and the month (or issue number) of the magazine. For newspapers, tell us the year and the date.
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Type in the title of the book or the name of the magazine or newspaper. If it's a newspaper, tell us what city the paper is from.
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If it's a book, tell us the author. If it's a magazine or newspaper, you can type in the author's name if you want to, but it's not essential.
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What page is the quotation on?
Self explanatory! We need to know the page so we can find the quotation ourselves and double-check the wording of the quotation if necessary.
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ISBN and other bibliographical details
If you know the ISBN for the book, you can put it here. Feel free to also include any other information you think could help the dictionary editors quickly locate the book or magazine in case we need to double-check the wording of the quotation.
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Finally! Please type the quotation word-for-word exactly as it appears in the book or magazine. Please be sure to include all punctuation marks. *
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If you are a member of the Dictionary of Christianese volunteer research team, type in your assigned researcher number for tracking purposes.
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