Childersburg Middle School Title I Parent Survey
Parents and community members this survey is intended for planning purposes for the 2018-2019 school year. At the beginning of this year you received a District Parental Involvement Plan, School Parental Involvement Plan, and a School Parent Compact. Please provide feedback for things that you would like to see with regard to parental involvement for the upcoming year. We look forward to serving you and your student(s) in the upcoming year. If you need help with this survey or would like to ask a questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Lightsey by email and I will be happy to assist you!
Do you feel welcome at Childersburg Middle School? *
Does your school encourage you to be apart of your child's education? *
Were you able to attend any activities at the school this year?
The following activities were offered to you during this school year put a check by the activity that was most beneficial to you:
List any activities you would like to see offered:
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Do you know how you can be involved in school planning/review committees? *
Do you know what it means to be a Title I school and what your rights are? *
Do you know how additional help with reading and/or mathematics is given to students through the Title I program? *
Do you know what your child should know and/or be able to do in reading and/or mathematics for the grade he/she is in? (Academic Standards)? *
Do you understand your child's report cards and test scores? *
Does the Title I School-Parent compact help to remind you about things you can do to help your child do better in school? *
Do you know about the school's referral program to community services outside of school? (Such as adult literacy programs, social services, health services, GED, adult career development ) *
Can you reach your child's classroom teachers(s) to discuss your child's academic progress and/or other concerns? *
Title I, of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 asks that priority be given to provide extra help beyond the regular school day. If free instruction is provided, would you want your child to attend Title I services? *
If the answer is Yes to the previous question, which would be the best time for you?
What is the best way for the school to share information about your child and school activities? Check the Best Way: *
Check any of the following items that would help you attend Title I activities: *
Do you have comments or concerns about the Title I program or the parental involvement plan in your school?
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Do you use INOW at home? *
What INOW information do you find most useful?
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The Following Data is for Statistical Purposes Only:
Race/Ethnicity (Select all that is applicable)
Is your child eligible for the free or reduced lunch program?
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