Waiting List Application - Rita Kara Robinson Homeopathy
Due to the volume of requests to work with me, there is currently a waiting list for initial consultations.

You can also book a session with one of my team of qualified homeopaths via http://rita-kara-robinson.com/book-in/

They will ask you all the questions I would ask, and take detailed notes. I then discuss your case with them, I prescribe and send you your remedy packs from my clinic.

Working with my team means you can be seen faster and start healing quicker. My team exists because I had a wait list of 30 people for so long I had to find a way to see more patients, faster. This is my solution for you and hundreds of people are working with me this way and seeing great results.

However, if you would prefer to wait and work with me directly, please add your details below, and we'll contact you when an appointment time becomes available.

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The cost of an initial consult with Rita is currently £185. This session lasts up to 1 hour and includes remedies for 2 months. Follow ups are £145. I cannot heal complex cases in one session - everyone I see knows they are committing to several sessions, and with the overwhelming majority of cases seeing gradual improvements each session as you go along. If you only want to do one session, then I suggest this route isn't for you and perhaps it's best to find a suitable alternative. *
Have you read through the patient contract at http://rita-kara-robinson.com/patients/?  And do you agree to the terms and conditions? *
Have you read through the FAQs on our website? http://rita-kara-robinson.com/faq/ 
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A common question is how long is the wait?
This varies from time to time. Sometimes it is 6 weeks, other times it is a few months.
Cancellation spaces naturally occur every week, so if you are very flexible with times you can get a cancellation space quickly. Emails for this come up Thur/Fridays on a first come first served basis.
Other sessions that come up several weeks ahead will be offered to everyone in turn in the list.
Please note if you are in the USA all my sessions will be your morning time. I will see your child before or late to school. There are no alternatives.
I need to see EVERY child on camera for EVERY call. If this isn't suitable please find alternative therapists.
If you are in Aust/NZ then we meet during your evening.
I aim to see you as quickly as I can.
Thank you for your enquiry.
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