School District of Philadelphia Tutoring Landscape Survey
*This survey is intended only for tutoring programs that work with School District of Philadelphia Public Schools*

For the purposes of this survey, "Tutoring Program" is defined as a school-based program that pairs an individual student or group of students with an academic tutor who helps the student work toward achieving particular academic objectives.
A tutoring relationship is informal , and is supplemental to the formal instruction facilitated by the student's classroom teacher who delivers standard curriculum in a structured setting.

A tutor-student pairing might be prescribed by teachers or the students may elect to participate in the program. This program occurs at the students' school and focuses on academic content (i.e.: core curricular subjects or test preparation)
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If you Select "NO", you will be redirected to the form submission page. For the purposes of this survey, we are only interested in School District of Philadelphia Public School Tutoring Programs.
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