Cornerstone Alumni Micro Grant: Application 2016
Foundation for Jewish Camp is thrilled to announce that past participants in Cornerstone are eligible for grants to create Jewish experiences for their local communities. These grants could amount to as much as $1,500. In some cases, FJC will even help grantees plan the event!

FJC is dedicated to building leaders and amplifying Jewishness. The Cornerstone Fellowship is about building leaders and helping camp staff see themselves as Jewish educators. We aim to assist alumni of the program to take their ideas and experience even further, amplifying Jewishness in their communities, with the support of Cornerstone Alumni Grants.

Note: Once you've begun this application, responses cannot be saved. Please review all questions carefully before hitting "SUBMIT."

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Camp Name (the camp you participated in Cornerstone with): *
Please use the Official Name of your camp (IE: "Camp Young Judaea Midwest", "URJ Camp Kalsman", or "Ramah New England").
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Please list any other Jewish camps you have attended, worked for, or been affiliated with.
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What type of experience are you planning? *
For example: “film screening and discussion”, “virtual Jewish book club with my Cornerstone cohort", or “Interfaith dialogue in the sukkah”.*
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When will your experience take place? *
Will this experience run more than once over time, or be a single activity? *
Location of Experience: *
This may be a University/College (if applicable), or a City, State. If your experience is going to take place virtually, write: ‘online’ or ‘virtual’.
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Are you planning to work with with at least one other Cornerstone alum for this experience? *
If you are planning to work with other Cornerstone Alumni, please list their name(s) and camp(s) below.
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Please provide a detailed explanation of your experience's Plan and Timeline. Include what will happen before, after, and during the experience. *
Include any Jewish/Israel content and details of who you're looking to impact.
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List the Goals you're trying to accomplish: *
For example, “I want my Jewish friends to experience a camp Shabbat from our college dorm room.”
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How have your experiences at camp and with Cornerstone influenced your ideas for this proposal? *
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Do you plan to partner with other organizations for this experience? *
If it makes sense for your experience to be held in partnership, FJC encourages you to talk to your local Hillel, University Campus, local community, Moishe House, JCC, synagogue, youth movement, Federations, Reboot, OneTable, Honeymoon Israel, etc.
If you do plan to partner with another organization(s), please list their names here.
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Participants applying on their own could be eligible for between $500-750. Those applying with at least one other Cornerstone Alumni could receive up to $1,500. What will be the total cost of the experience? *
If you have a bigger idea, please reach out to us – the grant amount may be negotiable in some cases!
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List your *itemized* projected budget for this experience: Speaker fees, Travel for speakers (not for participants), Facility rental, Food, Supplies, Other, etc. *
Please note that FJC will not reimburse you for alcohol.
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How many people do you anticipate participating in your experience? *
Is there anything else you’d like to share about this experience, project, or activity?
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