Medical Insurance Application
This online application dedicated only for the Yemeni citizens in Malaysia to apply for medical insurance program through Yemen Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Please Read the company terms and conditions carefully. The successful application, the applicant will be contacted by the in-charge embassy staff. To complete this form submission, you need to download and fill in the company medical insurance form and upload it when required with the passport copy and a proof of payment. Please transfer the Insurance annual fees to the Yemen Embassy Account at Maybank, Account Name ( Embassy of Yemen - Health Dept.) and Account No ( 564427516706 ) and upload the payment proof.

(Download The Company Medical Application Form from Here )
(طلب التقديم الخاص بشركة التأمين )

Yemenis Association - GHS (Option 1)
(اختيارات التامين 1 + شروط التامين)

Yemenis Association - GHS (Option 2)
(اختيارات التامين 2 + شروط التامين)

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تنبيه هام:

تنبيه هام: يرجى قراءة وشروط الخدمة بعناية قبل الاستمرار في تقديم الطلب، يرجى استكمال طلب التقديم الخاص بشركة التامين و الموجود أعلاه وارفاقه عند تقديم هذا الطلب. المرفقات المطلوبة لاستكمال هذا الطلب ما يلي:
1- طلب التقديم الخاص بشركة التأمين
2- صورة/صور من جواز السفر للفرد او للعائلة
3- صورة من الفيزة الحالية
4- صورة من اشعار تحويل مبلغ التأمين لحساب السفارة رقم (564427516706)
بنك (Maybank) تحت إسم (Embassy of Yemen - Health Dept.).

ملاحظات هامة:
1-التغطية التامينية تشمل الرقود في المستشفى ولا تشمل المعاينة في العيادات الخارجية او الطوارئ ( عدا حالات الحوادث والاصابات )
2- فئات التامين موزعة بحسب مستوى الغرف وسقف التغطية السنوية ( مثلا اختيار HG100 وتغطية سنوية 12.500 تعني ان مستوى الغرفة 100 رنجت وسقف التغطية 12.500 رنجت سنويا ,اما HG150 وتغطية 12.500 فان مستوى الغرفة 150 رنجت وسقف التغطية 12.500 رنجت سنويا .وهذا ينطبق على بقية الخيارات )
3- في حال الرغبة بالرقود في مستوى أعلى للغرفة يتم دفع فارق تكلفة الغرفة .
4- الاسرة تتضمن الاب و الام وعدد اربعة ابناء .
5-عند اختيار اي فئة من فئات التامين تشمل اكثر من فرد فإن التغطية السنوية تحتسب على مستوى الفرد الواحد ( مثلا عند اختيار HG150 بتغطية سنوية بمبلغ 30.000 رنجت فإن كل فرد من افراد الاسرة المشمولين بالتامين يحصل على سقف تغطية 30.000 رنجت ).
6-مدة التامين 12 شهر من تاريخ استكمال اجراءات التامين لدى شركة التامين
7- سيتم منح كل فرد بطاقة موضح فيها الاسم ورقة البوليصة التامينية .

Terms and conditions:
1 GEGM Standard Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Policy Wordings.
2 Group size: 201 members and 312 dependents.
We reserve the right to adjust the premium if there is a reduction of more than 10% in headcount during inception of policy.
3 Subject to 30 days Waiting Period, 120 days Specified Illnesses and 12 months on Pre-existing Illness.
4 Persons who are 60 years old and above are required to submit Personal Health Declaration for underwriting review on acceptance.
5 WAIVER of Upgraded Room and Board Co-Payment.
6 Managed by Third Party Administrator (TPA) and applicable only to Panel Hospitals and on Pre-Certification Basis for the Policy with TPA arrangement.
7 Indemnity Letter - The Insured will be required to sign a 'Letter of Indemnity' for the Policy with TPA arrangement.
8 WAIVER of Medical Report for claims below RM1,000/- for government hospital and RM500/- for private hospital.
However, we reserve the right to request upon need arises. The claim form must be duly filled by the policyholder indicating the diagnosis.
9 Age Eligibility (Member and Spouse): Below 60 years old and renewable up to 70 years old.
10 Age Eligibility (Unmarried Child): Over 30 days old but under 19 years old or up to 23 years old if the child is still on full-time higher education and
not gainfully employed.
11 Policy to be issued on named Basis.
12 Premium Warranty.
13 Automatic Additions and Deletions Clause (60 days)
14 Sanction Limitation And Exclusion Clause (SANC): t the sole discretion of the Company, the Company shall not be deemed to provide cover and shall not receive any payment(s) under the policy; or be liable to pay any sums (including but not limited to payment of claims, refund of premiums, surrender or cancellation payments); or provide any benefit under the policy; to the extent that the provision of such cover, payment of such sum or provision of such benefit would expose the Company to any sanction, prohibition or restriction under any laws and/or regulations, administered by any governmental, regulatory or competent authority, or any law enforcement in any country.
1 Pre-Existing Illness shall mean disabilities that existed before the Effective date of Insurance that the Insured Person has reasonable knowledge of. An Insured Person may be considered to have reasonable knowledge of a pre-existing condition where the condition is one for which:-
a ) the Insured Person had received or is receiving treatment; or
b ) medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment has been recommended; or
c ) clear and distinct symptoms are or were evident; or
d ) its existence would have been apparent to a reasonable person in the circumstances.

2 Specified Illness shall mean the following disabilities and its related complications, occurring within the first 120 days of Insurance of the Insured Person:-
a ) Hypertension, diabetes mellitus and Cardiovascular disease.
b ) All tumours, cancers, cysts, nodules, polyps, stones of the urinary system and biliary system.
c ) All ear, nose (including sinuses) and throat conditions.
d ) Hernias, haemorrhoids, fistulae, hydrocele, varicocele.
e ) Endometriosis including disease of the Reproduction system.
f ) Vertebro-spinal disorders (including disc) and knee conditions.

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